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NightOwl Entertainment Group

Location: Perth WA

Job Type: Casual

Post Date: Mar 24, 2024


  • Hospitality & Tourism

Job Overview

We challenge the status quo across all our brands to explore and redefine what it means to be in the hospitality industry.

Job Description


We exist to create memories for every occasion, We've been there and We are here.

Our venues are authentic, engaging, meaningful and unique with exquisite adventures regardless of location. 

NightOwls are awake after dark, We are active at night and accomplish things others do during the day.

We soar silently in the dark, so the rewards can be enjoyed in the light.

We make the spectacular look ordinary, it is just what we do.

We dream, innovate, explore, and create with our success due to the people, 🦉.

We march to a different drum, accepting all walks of life on this journey with Us.

We strive for greatness with two steps forward and no looking back, come redefine the status quo with Us

Stop looking at what We do from the outside in, join Us and see it from the inside out.


- Bar and Floor Staff at Magnet House/Amplifier/The Edison (393 Murray Street) ~ Mecca of Dance & Diversity

- Floor Staff at Metropolis Fremantle (Fremantle) ~ Welcome to the Big House  




While our remaining venues are currently at total capacity, we always seek exceptional talent to join our ranks. Your skills and expertise could be an invaluable asset to our establishment. There might not be a direct opening that matches your qualifications, but we encourage you to apply and become part of our talent pool. We believe in fostering an environment where talent is recognised, and growth opportunities abound. Your application could pave the way for future opportunities within our organisation and be one of the ever-long list of success stories.



For any questions please email

Our Venues:

Print Hall 

Flight Club 


The Breakwater


The Lookout 

Magnet House 

Amplifier Bar 

The Edison  

Metropolis Fremantle 


What's in it for you?

Our team is at the heart of everything we do and, if you join us, we’ll always make sure you know how much we value your contribution and hard work through:

  • A competitive hourly rate
  • Unbelievable team member discounts
  • Career development opportunities
  • Training 
  • Great social events

Diversity & Inclusion Commitment: 

Diversity is about recognising and valuing the contribution of people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives and experiences. 

We are committed to combating all forms of discrimination, whether on the grounds of ethnicity, social or cultural origin, gender, age, physical appearance or disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, family status or any other grounds prohibited under law. 

Fine Print

Some roles will require qualifications such as 'Commercial Cookery' or 'Responsible Service of Alcohol.'